Educational Committees

Educational Committees (Opleidingscommissies, OC, in Dutch)
An educational committee is a body that keeps itself busy with advising the faculty-board concerning matters that are related to the pertaining education, of which the Education- and Examination Regulation (Onderwijs en Examenregeling, OER, in Dutch) is part. The educational committee reports per period to the FSR, judges the OER and takes care of the evaluation after the results. An OC is composed of half students and half teachers. Every teacher and every student has 1 vote, which means that there are equal voting rights. The educational committee occupies itself among other things with current and structural educational matter and the control of the form as well as the contents of the educational programmes. The OC also responds to problems and/or whishes at the request of students.
Tasks of the Educational Committee

  • If requested or from own initiative; bring out recommendations concerning all matters of the specific education attained
  • Give advise about the pertaining education, among which the ‘Education- and Examination Regulation' is part of
  • Annual assessment of the way the ‘Education- and Examination Regulation' is executed 

Current Educational Committees
Here are the names of the studentmembers of the educational committees of 2011-2012.

Bachelor Business Administration
Teaching staff:
Drs I.J.C. Leijen, chair
Drs. E.A.H. Kleijn
D.P. Kroon MSc

1st year – Bas te Rijdt
2nd year – Nilofar Feizi
3rd year - Mark Brasser

Bachelor Economics & Business Economics
Teaching staff: 
Dr. J.A. Jordaan, chair
Dr. G.T. Budding
Dr. J.M. Sneek

1st year - Mostafa Mohseni
2nd year -  Erik van der Heijden
3rd year – Safae Rahmouni

Bachelor International Business Administration
Teaching staff:
Drs. S. Bantvawala, chair
Drs. D.A. Driver-Zwartkruis
Dr. Z. Sasovova

1st year – Hosni Sefiane 
2nd year - Johanna Waas
3rd year -Magdalena Neuzilova

Bachelor/Master Econometrics
Teaching staff:
Prof.dr. L. Stougie, chair
Dr. C.S. Bos
Dr. H.E.D. Houba R.F. Swarttouw

1st year - Katrijn Siderius
2nd year - Peter Schultz 
3rd year - Maarten van der Meij
Master: Monika Novackova

Master Accounting and Control
Teaching staff: 
Mr. J.E. Brink-van der Meer
Dr. J.L. Wielhouwer

Zoëlle Ava Yusufi
Bart van Schie

Master Business Administration
Teaching staff:
Dr. C.J. Vinkenburg, chair
Dr. E. Klijn
Dr. M. Soekijad
Dr. G. Tumer Alkan

Premila Balkaran –  FM
Regina Bruijnaers – S&O
Thomas Jones - MC
Ghezal Kakar – ENT
Reineke Koldewijn – TSCM
Amy Landman – IK&M
Dominique van Wingerden – HRM

Master Economics
Teaching staff: 
Dr. E.I. Motchenkova
Dr. R.H. Oostendorp

David Dolejši
Lisa van de Voort

Master (Quantitative) Finance
Teaching staff:  
Dr. F. Brevik
Dr. A.H. Siegmann

Nils Taeger (Quantative Finance)
Irene van Leeuwen

Master Marketing
Teaching staff:
Dr. M.H.P. Kleijnen
Dr. L.J. Paas, chair
Dr. R. Prins
Iris Blom
Hannah Hoijng
Julia Ruijgrok

Teaching staff:
Dr. T. De Graaff
Dr. M.C. Lijesen

Zhenzhen Li
Daniel Pinchasik