Alumni services


Sportcentrum VUVU Sports Centre
The VU Sports Centre provides a large number of sports to students, alumni, VU staff members and non-students. Alumni can use the sports centre for a special rate and: for € 20, you can do an extensive fitness test and make unlimited use of the sports centre for a month. More information about the fitness test here.

Cultuurcentrum GriffioenTheater Griffioen
Theatre, cabaret, courses and films in one cultural centre.

EBSCOEBSCO – Access to academic articles
As an alumnus, you have free access to online scientific resources. Via Ebsco, you can read the complete articles from over 4,400 publications. In addition to being able to browse through the articles, you can set alerts about subjects of your choice.
VU-OrkestVU Orchestra
The VU Orchestra, the student orchestra of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, was founded in 1962.
Thanks to the efforts of its members and conductor, VU Orchestra is one of the biggest student
orchestras. The students perform late romantic and 20th century music in world famous concert
halls at home and abroad.
Hortus BotanicusBotanical Gardens
The VU Amsterdam’s Botanical Gardens were created in 1967 for education and research, in particular for the Biology faculty. The gardens are located behind the VU Amsterdam’s Academic Hospital and cover an area of about one hectare, with about 1,000 m2 of greenhouses. On workdays, the gardens can be visited for free between 8 AM and 16.30 PM. Throughout the year, the Botanical Gardens organize several events.

Kunst in de VUExhibitions main building and campus grounds
For over 40 years, the Exposorium focuses on the following tasks: organizing exhibitions of contemporary art, photography, design, architecture, etc., and maintaining the university’s art collection: art destined for representative public spaces in the university buildings.
UB VUUniversity Library VU
The University Library offers modern study rooms and information and lending points, with a public display of books and other study material, largely on the basis of auto-lending. As alumnus, you have continued access to the services of the University Library.

 Beeld HOVO_aanmelden

HOVO – VU from fifty
Follow classes at the Free University at HOVO Amsterdam: academic level, but without study obligation. HOVO offers courses of 2 to 10 classes, usually during the day.