Stay involved

Would you like to stay involved with your programme or with the School? That is very much appreciated and there are various options. With your knowledge, you can support the School or the programme. Options include guest lecturing, providing internships or cases, or taking part in a training or event. By invitation, alumni have a seat in the Advisory Boards of all courses.

We like to help you decide how and where your knowledge and talents can make a contribution. To give you an idea of the different ways you can be involved:

Share your knowledge
Within the courses or as part of an event, teachers and faculty regularly invite speakers. Think of a guest lecture as part of a course, guest speaker at an event or giving information about the labour market or sector.

Show your company
Employer branding or recruitment strategy? Take part as employer or company in events and fairs of faculty, courses and student associations. 

Coach and train
Career Services likes to involve professionals in career training and coaching. For instance, you can do a workshop about professional skills, or practice job interviews with students. 

Provide an internship or case
Place your job vacancy for internship, traineeship or starting position free of charge on the SBE Career Platform and reach 5000 SBE students. You can even tag your vacancy as "provided by alumni"!
Suitable research assignments and thesis subjects can be shared with the course or faculty in question. Or provide a case on which students can work together as part of a course. 

Promote an event
Promote an event to the event calendar of the School.

For these and other tailor-made options, we invite you to contact Iris Visser (

Alumni experiences

betrokken zijn - testimonial Kleis foto
It’s fun every time to tell VU students about the opportunities I have grasped during my studies.
Kleis Krebbers, Campus Recruiter ING, Alumnus Master Business Administration, specialisation HRM

wat doen onze alumni - Jolanda Slof LinkedIn
So you don’t think you are fit to work at a bank? Do tell!
Jolanda, IT Manager ABN AMRO, alumna MSc Business Administration
betrokken zijn - testimonial Valeriya foto
Warm memories of my own time at university, every time I walk into the main building.
Valeriya Dovator, Consultant Finance & Risk at YER, alumna BSc Finance
betrokken zijn - testimonial Ongjen foto square
It gives a lot of satisfaction to be able to keep young people from making the mistake I made and to let them benefit from my knowledge.
Ognjen Soldat, co-founder Droomcarrière, alumnus Business Administration