betrokken zijn - testimonial Kleis foto
It’s fun every time to tell VU students about the opportunities I have grasped during my studies.
Kleis Krebbers, Campus Recruiter ING, Alumnus Master Business Administration, specialization HRM

wat doen onze alumni - Jolanda Slof LinkedIn
So you don’t think you are fit to work at a bank? Do tell!
Jolanda, IT Manager ABN AMRO, alumna MSc Business Administration
betrokken zijn - testimonial Valeriya foto
Warm memories of my own time at university, every time I walk into the main building.
Valeriya Dovator, Consultant Finance & Risk bij YER, alumna MSc Finance
betrokken zijn - testimonial Ongjen foto square
It gives a lot of satisfaction to be able to keep young people from making the mistake I made and to let them benefit from my knowledge.
Ognjen Soldat, co-founder Droomcarrière, alumnus Business Administration