Testimonial Jolanda

So you don’t think you are fit to work at a bank? Do tell!

wat doen onze alumni - Jolanda Slof LinkedIn

During the master selection weeks, Bachelor students asked me how I knew I wanted to work at a bank. The honest answer was: I only knew that after I had started working for one (…) What I found more important in the selection of an employer were things like: What are the issues within the organisation? How can I develop myself here? And am I able to connect to the people who work there? After my internship at the bank, it didn’t take me long to make up my mind: I have a match with this company! For Bachelor students who need to select a Master, this may have been a difficult answer. It doesn’t make the selection process any easier! On the other hand, I have also learned that companies are not looking for a specific background. What you have to offer as an individual is much more important than what you have learned so far.

By now, I am one of the few women within the back to have moved to IT. Boring? Not at all! We are in the middle of a digital revolution, few people see the inside of an actual bank these days. In driven multi-cultural teams, we are working on innovative banking methods with the latest technological trends, like cloud, watches and API’s. Perhaps I should have gone for the Master in IT after all?

Jolanda, IT Manager ABN AMRO, alumna Business Administration