Testimonial Ognjen

At the faculty, they don’t teach you to sell yourself to employers – that’s what SBE Career Services does

betrokken zijn - testimonial Ongjen foto squareAt the university you learn how to bake bread, but not how to display it. You learn that at SBE Career Services. Just to be clear, we are talking about a metaphor for applying for a job. 

As a job coach, I have experienced the other side of the workshops provided by SBE: as a (guest) teacher. At the workshop that we provided with Droomcarrière, we were able to remove some persistent misunderstandings and uncertainties from student minds. It is very satisfying, however, to help young people avoid mistakes that I myself have made, and to let them benefit from my knowledge of the labour market and applying for a job. I would have liked to have that kind of knowledge myself 10 years ago. 

Together with other valuable workshops and internally available knowledge, Career Services offers an invaluable contribution to the start of your career. The insider tips, contacts and experiences they can give you will give you a head start on the labour market. We at Droomcarrière look forward to giving more workshops in the future. So, who knows, we will meet each other there!

Ognjen Soldat, co-founder Droomcarrière, alumnus Business Administration