Testimonial Valeriya

It gives a lot of energy to help others and make them think

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It’s already been four years since I started my ‘work adventure’, but I am still in contact with VU University. In my first years, I played an active role in selecting board members for faculty association Aureus and organising an alumni event. Since a year ago, I am involved with the faculty in a different way: from my experiences as a Finance student and my expertise in my current job at Recruitment Agency YER, I talk to students about their future opportunities, jobwise, and other things during a Master introduction. I also advise and coach them during job interview training sessions and a workshop ‘Working in Finance’.

In the coming year, I hope to be able again to contribute to the orientation and preparation of students for the labour market. I look forward to be able to spar with Career Services about new concepts, because not does it give a lot of energy to help others and make them think, every time I walk into the main building, I am flooded with warm memories of the great time this institution has given me, of growing up and developments that took place during that time. 

During my exchange in America, in part facilitated by the International Office, I not only had an unforgettable time, but also experienced how great the bond can be between alumni and university. I do how we will experience more and more of that here as well. 

Valeriya Dovator, Consultant Finance & Risk at YER, alumna MSc Finance