Internship or research in your organization

The benefits of hiring an intern are many. In addition to applying their state-of-the art academic skills and knowledge to your projects and business, interns provide a fresh perspective on your organization. A positive internship experience will also lead to brand advocates and possibly longer-term hires.

SBE students can do an internship in different phases of their Bachelor's or Master's degree programme, both within and outside their program. For all internships within the study programme there is also supervision at the School of Business and Economics (SBE). For these internships it is important that the content matches the study programme. In addition, the internship must be at academic work and thinking level.

If you have any questions, we gladly share our expertise with you regarding internship procedures, hiring non-EU students and current developments in student employment. You can also contact us via the details below for information about specific study programmes. Please note that the restrictions for non-EU/EEA students regarding doing an internship that is not part of their study programme.

Some examples of internship assignments

An MSc in Finance student did a market analysis and research on the impact of certain factors on that market at Jones Lang LaSalle; another drew up a business plan for doing M&A research at Yuno Advisors.

For the MSc Strategy & Organization, a student did an internship at ABN AMRO - Innovation Center, where he could work on his own research about the conditions under which an organization can best stimulate innovation. In addition to formal interviews, he was able to obtain more practical information through informal conversations with colleagues.

Post job openings

Do you have an internship vacancy suitable for SBE students? The SBE Career Platform offers you the opportunity to offer internships free of charge to all students of the School of Business and Economics. You can easily create an account on the Career Platform. You can then post, manage and delete job openings. You can also receive and manage responses to the vacancy in the system if desired.

Extra feature: You can now also promote your vacancies to Humanities students. If you would like to do so and have used the platform before, you will need to create a new account. To access your old account (SBE students only), please click here


Do you have questions about internships or would you like to see if a vacancy is suitable for SBE students? Please contact us via or +31 20 5983067.