prof. dr. C. Camfferman RA

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+31 20 59 86076
school of business & economics ( accounting )
Full Professor

Research activities

Most of my research is concerned with the historical development of financial reporting by listed companies from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. Specific themes and current projects include:

  • International collaboration among national accountancy bodies in Europe in the post-WWII period
  • Accounting standard setting, the IASC and the IASB
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Theodore Limperg (1879-1961), leading Dutch auditor and theoretician of business economics
  • Financial reporting and company law



Advanced Financial Reporting (Master Accounting & Control, 4.1)
Advanced Financial Reporting for BA (Master Business Administration, 4.2)
Financial Accounting Theory (Master Accounting & Control, 4.4)
Thesis supervision



Ancillary activities

Protestantse Gemeente Amstelveen-Buitenveldert - Board member Amstelveen, 11 januari 2015
Last changes Ancillary activities: Amsterdam 06 februari 2017