prof. dr. T.L.C.M. Groot

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+31 20 59 86108
school of business & economics ( accounting )
Full Professor

Brief Résumé

Tom Groot is professor of Management Accounting, head of the Department of Accounting and director of ARCA (Amsterdam Research Center in Accounting).

Research activities

Performance measurement and evaluation
Management Control
Financial management of nonprofit organizations
Cost systems

Educational activities

Master of Accounting and Control:
Management Accounting (period 2)
Advanced Management Accounting (period 4)

Master of Business Administration:
Performance Measurement and Control (period 2)

Postgraduate programme Change:
Change Assessment (module E1)

Postgraduate Public Controlling:
Management Control



Ancillary activities

De Opvoedpoli - Unknown Amsterdam, 01 april 2011
Diaconessen Ziekenhuis - Unknown Leiden, 01 april 2012
DBC Onderhoud - Unknown Onbekend, 02 januari 2014
Hendrik Brunsting Stichting / VU - Unknown Onbekend, 02 januari 2014
Limperg Instituut / VU - Unknown Onbekend, 02 januari 2014
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