Cases in entrepeneurship

Cases in entrepreneurship are useful for educational purposes, and are suitable for senior bachelor students up to executive education students. The Center for Entrepreneurship @VU has been involved in the creation of multiple cases, a few are illustrated here.


Case 1
Metrica Sports
Their core product is the software FootMapp,
which provides clubs with detection of key moments or movements using pattern recognition technology and original video of matches with overlaid annotated visualizations. 
Case 2Optics 11
Optics 11 is an example of how the academic world
and the private sector may intertwine, with the help of the public sector.
Case 6Tony Chocolonely
Tony Chocolonely is a mission driven company that sells chocolate with the aim to ban slavery in the cacao industry.
In this teaching case their journey is discussed and three specific topics are highlighted.
Case 4SRXP
This case convincingly shows that there is ample space for young and innovative companies in the FinTech sector, with a right entrepreneurial approach.
The successful development of the company SRXP and the entrepreneur Pieter Verbruggen are highlighted.
Case 3Radically Open Security
ROS is a not-for-profit IT security platform organization.
Customers include retailer Ahold-Delhaize, the Dutch police, insurance company Aegon and internet browser Mozilla.
Case 5The Next Web
In this case we introduce the topic of what it means to work at an entrepreneurial firm.
What are the benefits and pitfalls for employees working at an entrepreneurial firm and how does the entrepreneur deal with the different wants and needs of his employees?