Educational activities in the field of entrepreneurship

Traditionally, entrepreneurship education was taken care of in the domains of economics and business. At VU Amsterdam, the School of Business and Economics was for a long time the only arena where courses in entrepreneurship were delivered. Currently, the MSc Entrepreneurship (a joint activity between VU and UvA) and the minor Entrepreneurship are the focus areas in entrepreneurship education.

In recent years, more and more students show an interest in entrepreneurship education. These numbers have grown so large that a number of courses in entrepreneurship outside the business and economics domain could be established. Press: Offer all students a course in entrepreneurship

These courses are based on three pillars:

  • The transfer of academic knowledge in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, during lectures and through the study of academic papers and books
  • The development of personal entrepreneurial soft skills, which may contribute to entrepreneurial success, with interactive workshops
  • To come from a business idea to a solid business plan, with the help of the adjusted Business Model Canvas approach and the study of an own real-life case

Currently, CfE@VU offers the following courses: