Helpdesk for student entrepreneurs

How can I officially register my company? How can I get a business account at a bank? The Center for Entrepreneurship @ VU hosts a helpdesk with relevant content to answer these questions and more. 

Besides the helpdesk, we are happy to get you started by setting up a meeting where we can provide a helping hand. We do this by consulting the wide variety of entrepreneurs and professionals in our network. You can come to us for any issue that arises, we look forward to meeting you! 

Just send us a mail:, either in English or Dutch.  

We also organise events that help students in their entrepreneurial journey. Our last event was related to career development for MSc Entrepreneurship students. To kick-start the workshop we invited three alumni to come and tell their entrepreneurship story. Want to know more? Enjoy a short summary of the event.


  • Idea
    This section helps you shape your business idea.
  • Business plan
    So after figuring out your idea, you can start on writing your business plan. This part depicts all the elements you have to take into account when starting your own business.
  • Business
    You have a business but there are still some obstacles on your path. This step provides you with options on obtaining funds, office space, knowledge and broadening your network.
  • Scale-up
    Ready for your next step, scaling-up? How do you find employees and other relevant partners? We have summed up some options for you.