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Are you a college or university student with great ideas, but without the experience to set up your own business? Or do you need support as a starter?

The helpdesk of the Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE@VU) offers completely free assistance and supports students with an interest in entrepreneurship. Whether you are looking for practical support, a broader network, grants, tax related information or a brainstorm session on writing business plans - we are here to help you.

CfE@VU assists entrepreneurial minded students in their needs. We guide students through various steps of their entrepreneurial journey- with the support of our network of fellow students and over 160 alumni.

With the help of Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) we are now able to multiply our resources and increase our capacities. As a result we can provide better guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs of not only VU Amsterdam, but Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) as well.

Contact us to schedule a meeting.  

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How can I officially register my company? How can I get a business account at a bank? The Center for Entrepreneurship @ VU hosts a helpdesk with relevant content to answer these questions and more. 

Besides the helpdesk, we are happy to get you started by setting up a meeting where we can provide a helping hand. We do this by consulting the wide variety of entrepreneurs and professionals in our network. You can come to us for any issue that arises, we look forward to meeting you! 

Just send us a mail at, either in English or Dutch. 


  • Idea
    This section helps you shape your business idea.
  • Business plan
    So after figuring out your idea, you can start on writing your business plan. This part depicts all the elements you have to take into account when starting your own business.
  • Business
    You have a business but there are still some obstacles on your path. This step provides you with options on obtaining funds, office space, knowledge and broadening your network.
  • Scale-up
    Ready for your next step, scaling-up? How do you find employees and other relevant partners? We have summed up some options for you.

A broad network is highly relevant for entrepreneurs, collaboration can provide original ideas and give new insights to current businesses operations. The Center for Entrepreneurship @VU maintains a strong network of VU alumni owning their own company. This network is a diverse one, research into the academic background of the VU Alumni Entrepreneurs has shown that  the entrepreneurs come from eight different faculties. More information and the list of VU Alumni Entrepreneurs >

Education in entrepreneurship is traditionally seen as something for economics and business studies. However, the great amount of tech start-ups has proven that entrepreneurship is accessible for every type of student. The main goal of the CfE@VU is to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst students of the VU Amsterdam and UvA. To achieve this, CfE@VU offers the MsC Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the UvA and several other courses at the VU. Read more >

Cases in entrepreneurship are useful for educational purposes, and are suitable for senior bachelor students up to executive education students. The Center for Entrepreneurship @VU has been involved in the creation of multiple cases, a few are illustrated here.

Cases from Amsterdam
To bring entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam to a higher level, ten entrepreneurship teaching cases are developed for the collaborative valorization program ‘IXAnext; Talent for innovation’.

Each of these entrepreneurship teaching cases features a recent start-up from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Although the cases can be used at any level, they are especially suitable for late bachelor and master level entrepreneurship courses at universities, and also for executive education.

The cases consist of a written text and an introduction video that both can be used free of charge. After registration, teachers can also get access to teaching notes and a discussion forum to learn how these cases might be used in class. The director-founder of CfE@VU is responsible for a number of these cases (among others the Optics11 case).

Amsterdam Entrepreneurship Cases

Cases from the Entrepreneurial Dilemma in the Development of the Small Firm
A number of small cases for entrepreneurship education have been developed, and have been used in academic education since 2016 (both in lectures and exams). The final versions of these cases will be presented in the forthcoming book The Entrepreneurial Dilemma in the Development of the Small Firm: Towards the Next Step in the Life Cycle by Enno Masurel (expected to be published in 2018). These cases are semi-fictional. The first case is ‘To protect or not to protect (that is the question)’ and includes teachers’ notes.

Every summer, the Center for Entrepreneurship @VU invites participants from all over the world to share their ideas and develop their entrepreneurial skills during an International Summer School.

CfE@VU International Summer School 2019: New venture Creation and Entrepreneurship
Due to high demand there will be two International Summer Schools in 2019:

  • 20 July - 3 August 2019
  • 3 August- 17 August 2019

The creation of new ventures is one of the most important economic issues of our time, throughout the world. This means not only start-ups, but also the development of new activities by existing firms and spin-offs by universities, company expansions and take-overs. This course follows a sustainable entrepreneurship approach, dealing with all the economic, social and ecological aspects of new ventures.

Check the course manual for more information


Frequently Asked Questions
Q Is it possible to apply if I have a degree at an Applied Sciences University?
A Yes, anyone can apply. Students will be selected based on their motivation.

Q Can I follow this course before the 20th of July?
A No, this course is only offered during the 2nd and 3rd session of the VU
Summer School.

Q If I have my own business idea can I work on this during the course?
A Yes, you can use your own idea while learning more about entrepreneurship.
Who knows, maybe you will find your co-founder during this course.

We hope to see you soon!

Entrepreneurship research and education has developed to become a global subject. The CfE@VU also works globally through participating in multiple projects in Southeast Africa. The collaboration between African PHD students and Dutch university lecturers has led to interesting findings, which can be found on Entrepreneurship in Africa

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