Teaching programmes

Our mission mission is to empower students with the methodological skills and enduring curiosity to contribute to solving today’s challenges in business and economics. Our bachelor and master programmes in Econometrics and OR have been repeatedly top rated by the national accreditation committee and national student surveys. We also host a number of winners of the “lecturer of the year” award of the School of Business and Economics.

Read more about our bachelor programme in Econometrics and Operations Research, its specialization in Econometrics and Data Science, the master programmes in Econometrics and Operations Research, our highly successful minor programme Applied Econometrics: A Big Data Experience for All, and our Econometrics Summer Workshop now open for registration.

Next to our leading role in the above programmes, we also participate in other programmes with specialized course work in methodology. This includes our courses within the MPhil and PhD programmes of the Tinbergen Institute and the Netherlands Network for OR (LNMB), as well as course work in the bachelor programmes in Economics and Business Economics, in Business Administration, in International Business Administration, and in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

We are keen to introduce new and innovative approaches to university education. Information about our innovative teaching methods are on the SBE Innovation Center website.