Please find below a selection of our most recent publications. For the complete listing of our publications, please visit the VU Research Portal


Bloemen, H. G., Collective Labour Supply, Taxes, and Intrahousehold Allocation: An Empirical Approach, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.

Brügemann, B., Gautier, P. & Menzio, G., Intra firm bargaining and shapley values,Review of Economic Studies.

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Muller, P., Kircher, P. & Belot, M., Providing advice to job seekers at low cost: An experimental study on online advice, Review of Economic Studies.


Koellinger, P. D. & Harden, K. P., Using nature to understand nurture: Genetic associations show how parenting matters for children's education, Science.

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Bloemen, H. G., Collective Labour Supply, Taxes, and Intrahousehold Allocation: An Empirical Approach, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. 

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Bisschop, P., Kastoryano, S.,  Klaauw, B.Street Prostitution Zones and Crime, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.


Moraga-Gonzalez, J.L., Sandor, Z. and M.R. Wildenbeest, Prices and Heterogeneous Search Costs, The RAND Journal of Economics.

Nadine Ketel, Jona Linde, Hessel Oosterbeek and Bas van der Klaauw, Tuition fees and sunk-cost effects, Economic Journal.

Nadine Ketel, Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek, Bas van der Klaauw, The returns to medical school in a regulated labor market: Evidence from admission lotteries, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

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Makoto Watanabe, Competition in the presence of individual demand uncertainty (with Marc Möller), forthcoming, RAND Journal of Economics.


Koning, P.W.C. & Lindeboom, M. (in press). The Rise and Fall of Disability Enrollment in the Netherlands. Journal of Economic Perspectives.

Gautier, P.A. & Teulings, C.N. (in press). Sorting and the output loss due to search frictions. Journal of the European Economic Association.

Moraga Gonzalez, J.L. & Viaene, J.M. (in press). Anti-dumping, Intra-industry Trade and Quality Reversals. International Economic Review.