prof. dr. H. Visser

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+31 20 59 86030
school of business & economics ( economics )
Full Professor (Emeritus)

Research interest

Islamic Finance
Money and Banking
International Monetary Economics
History of Economic Thought


Recent publications

  • Islamic Finance; Principles and Practice, Second Edition, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA, 2013, xiv + 237 pp. See flyer on
  • Complementaire geld- en betaalsystemen, ESB 99 (4683), 18 april 2014, 234-237, available on
  • Is Interest-Free Banking the Answer to our Prayers? Bernard Lietaer and Islamic Banking,
  • Het verbod op riba: lukt dat, financieren zonder rente?, Tijdschrift voorOpenbare Financiën, 44:4, 2012, 289-293. Available on
  • Islamic finance: aims, claims and the realities of the market place, in Aryona Rexha and Sonul Badiani (eds),  Ethical Investment Study; Social Responsibility for the Gulf Investment, London: Arab Financial Forum, 2012, 25-38. Available on
  • Financial Globalization and Economic Performance, edited by Hans Visser, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA 2011, xxvii + 585 blz. Info on

Full list of published papers and downloadable working papers 


Development of Macroeonomic Thought, in the minor Economics

Lecture on Islamic Finance, Macro 1.5

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