Prof. dr. M. van der Nat

Full Professor

Brief Resume

Mattheus van der Nat studied mathematics and physics at the University of Leiden. After several years of research, he joined Bank Mees & Hope and held several positions in the bank's credit department. In 1987 he joined AMRO Bank, as head of product management of AMRO (electronic banking). After a period as an alderman for economic affairs for the City of Leiden he rejoined AMRO Bank. In 1992 he was appointed as a vice president for ABN AMRO Treasury Management Consultants and since 1998 until 2004 he has served as head of this department. Now he is a State Councillor of the Dutch Council of State and a director of RISKMATRIX, a Dutch firm specialised in training and publishing concerning treasury and finance. However, the training activities have been taken over by consulting firm Conquaestor in 2012. In 1993 he was also appointed as a professor of treasury management at the VU University Amsterdam. In the period 1999 - 2006 he was a deputy member of the Social and Economic Council in the Netherlands. He has also held several non-executive directorships.


Research Activities

Treasury Management
Corporate Governance

Teaching Interests

Treasury Management

Selected Publications

Value at risk in an Euro context, The Treasurer, May 1999, 18-20.

Do derivatives increase the volatilities of the financial markets?, IFC bulletin, Irving Fischer Committee on Central-Bank Statistics, October 2000, 4- 10.

Derivatives and the non-executive director, European Management Journal, June 2003 (Vol. 21), 389 –397, co-author Adrian Buckley.

Liquidity management, performance measurement and benchmarking, Treasury Affairs, July 2003 (Vol. 1), 15 – 22. co-author Adrian Buckley.

Value-at-risk for non-financial enterprises, Treasury Affairs (Vol. 1), July 2003, 23-38.

Stork, Nedlloyd en Centaurus (in Dutch), de strijd om de zeggenschap in de onderneming, Liberaal Reveil,maart 2007 (jaargang 48), 52-56.

ABNAMRO: The stand alone scenario (opinion),, sept 2007, co-authors  Ephraim Clark cs

Vaardigheden volstaan niet (in Dutch, opinion), Het Financieele Dagblad, 22 juli 2008.

Kredieten ook in de raad van commissarissen (in Dutch), Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB),  mei 2009 (jaargang 94), 316.

Reinventing the commissioner for competition, (The Bracken Column), The Banker, june 2010, 8