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NEWS: Elmira van den Broek presents at Chirurgendagen 2018
29 May 2018
Elmira van den Broek, an incoming PhD candidate at KIN, presented the abstract on the “Illustion of Transparency” at the Chirurgendagen 2018, the annual congress of the Dutch Society of Surgery (NVVH). The NVVH has 2,000 members, with the Chirurgendagen 2018 being the largest congress for surgeons and fellows in the Netherlands.

NEWS: Information Session Executive Program on June 27th
25 May 2018
In October 2018, the KIN Center will start the Parttime Year Executive Program will start. Over a period of 8 months, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to deal with the complex environment of digital transformation.

NEWS: Media Partners with Money20/20 conference
23 May 2018
We at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation are proud to announce that we are media partners with the Money20/20 conference!

NEWS: Marleen Huysman speaking at the next edition of NRC Live
22 May 2018
As the Head of KIN, professor Marleen Huysman will be one of the speakers at the NRC Live conference. She will address the topic of AI from her perspective as a researcher on the consequences of digital innovations in work and organizations and as advocate of the Digital Society.

NEWS: Website Digital Society Goes Live
14 May 2018
The VSNU – the Dutch Collective of Collaborating Universities – developed the Digital Society Research Agenda. The agenda outlines several programmes that will guide academic research into the implications of the digitalisation of our society.

NEWS: Organization Studies Call for Papers on Connectivity
21 March 2018
Much has happened in the world of connectivity over the last 10 years. While topics such as mobile communication, virtual work, perception of proximity, work-life balance and hyper-connectivity have received notable attention in recent years, there are few theoretical developments made in this field of inquiry.

NEWS: Anastasia Sergeeva in panel discussion on Digital Nomads
14 March 2018
On Thursday the 1st of March, DocuDoka Amsterdam hosted a session on Digital Nomads. At the beginning of the event, the movie “One Way Ticket” was showed, after which a panel discussion took place.

NEWS: ABRI PhD Day on March 20th – 2018
12 March 2018
Eight ABRI PhD candidates are now halfway their PhD trajectories! The right opportunity for a presentation of their challenging work to an audience of faculty members, fellow PhD students, and a panel of selected reviewers.

NEWS: Article by Günther and colleagues Most Downloaded Paper in JSIS 2017
6 March 2018
In 2017,Wendy Günther, Mohammad Rezazade Mehrizi, Marleen Huysman, and Frans Feldberg published a paper in Journal of Strategic Information Systems. The paper, titled “Debating big data: A literature review on realizing value from big data” was actually JSIS’ most downloader paper of 2017! An impressive 8517 full paper downloads.

KIN is Hiring: 5 PhD Positions in Business and Management
5 February 2018
We are continuing our search for top-flight talent to join our outstanding faculty. Apply now for one of five PhD positions!

NEWS: Marleen Huysman in VUurwerk on KIN Center for Digital Innovation
10 January 2018
Marleen Huysman was interviewed for the Vrije Universiteit’s magazine “VUurwerk”!

KIN is Hiring: Two Assistant or Associate Professors in the areas of Information Systems and Sharing Economy
22 December 2017
We are continuing our search for top-flight talent to join our outstanding faculty. Applications are invited at the level of Assistant or Associate Professor. KIN proud partner of the Reshaping Work conference 2018 7 December 2017 The Reshaping Work in the Platform Economy 2017 brought together over 140 platform economy enthusiasts, from academics, to business leaders, policy makers, and gig workers themselves.

Mahmood Shafeie Zargar winner GrassRoots grant for small scale ICT-projects
6 December 2017
GrassRoots are grants for small-scale ICT projects with ready-to-use results for teaching and learning. With a GrassRoots project, teachers can improve their teaching in a way that resonates with their personal ideas and preferences.

Private: KIN celebrates: cheers to professor Hans and professor Frans!
1 December 2017
The recent inaugurations of ‘professor Hans’ and ‘professor Frans’called for a celebration! And so we did: on Friday November 24th the KIN group gathered at restaurant Captain Zeppos in the city centre of Amsterdam for an enjoyable evening with drinks and dinner.

KIN, VSNU, and the Digital Society Research Agenda – Leading the way through cooperation in a Digital Society
30 November 2017
Digitalisation is affecting virtually any aspect of modern life. How we vote and build momentum for referenda, how we store and protect our personal information, how we measure our health and quality of life, and how we work and collaborate within and across public and private organisations.

PhD research opportunity on ‘Tackling grand challenges through crowdsourcing’
17 November 2017
The United Nations has set ambitious sustainable development goals aimed at eradicating some of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Yet grand challenges, such as poverty and climate change, often elude simple solutions.

Our Oceans Challenge (OOC) wins the Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award 2017
17 October 2017
Our Oceans Challenge (OOC) aims “to balance ocean protection with the responsible use and exploitation of ocean space and resources.” Through a massive open online innovation platform, entrepreneurs could submit ideas for solving major sustainability challenges faced by the offshore industry. PhD research opportunity on the emergence and development of digital professions from a knowledge perspective 15 September 2017 As a consequence of pervasive digitization, our professions are turning into ‘digital professions’.

New names in the new academic year
11 September 2017
As part of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, KIN Research now falls under the new School of Business and Economics (previously Faculty of Economics and Business Administration).

Vacancy: Assistant / Associate Professor of Information Systems
24 July 2017
The KIN Research Group is looking for an Assistant / Associate Professor of Information Systems.   

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