prof. dr. ir. B.A.G. Bossink

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faculteit der exacte wetenschappen ( science business & innovation )
Endowed Professor

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Bart holds the chair of Technology and Innovation at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration and the Faculty of Sciences at VU University Amsterdam. He obtained a M.Sc.-degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and a Ph.D.-degree in Civil Engineering and Management from Twente University of Technology. There, he learned to integrate applied science and concrete technology with the goals and measures of organizations and business. His key approach is that all technological invention can and has to be seen in the context of commercial organizations and the customers these companies serve.

He teaches the course Technology and Innovation at VU University Amsterdam. Each year, this third-year Bachelor course attracts 400 students. It explains the drivers of technological innovation in firms, government and society. Students who pass this course obtained state-of-the-art knowledge on: the organization of scientific- and business-R&D, new product development, product design, production systems and market delivery.

He is preparing a course High Tech Entrepreneurship. It focuses on the entrepreneurs, leaders and champions who bring new technologies, inventions and services to the market. Students who pass this course obtained the latest knowledge on the role of leadership in the commercialization of innovations and new technologies. 

Research interests

At this moment, Bart is designing and implementing the Technology and Innovation research and education program in the faculty of Economics & Business and the faculty of Sciences of VU University Amsterdam. This program concentrates on the strategy of today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurial R&D-organization. You can always contact Bart at on matters like, but not limited to, starting or funding a M.Sc. or Ph.D. project in technology and innovation in business, and joint projects between university and business in the field of technology and innovation.

Ancillary activities

Actieagenda Bouw-Actieteam Innovatie - Unknown Delft, 01 januari 2015
Amsterdam Green Metropole - Unknown Amsterdam, 01 januari 2015
Niteflix/RTLZ - Advisor and expert guest TV program about innovation (TeamNL Hilversum, 25 februari 2015
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