Masterclass – Enabling and developing your future workforce for the digital age

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The pervasiveness of digital technologies in our work lives has a big impact on the required skills and expertise of professionals. Digital talents are hard to find yet in high demand. This poses two challenges: 1) how to attract and retain digital talent and 2) How to develop the expertise of your current workforce?

The KIN Center for Digital Innovation of Vrije Universiteit and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are joining forces to deliver a master class on “future proofing” your workforce for the digital age. Join us on Friday, April 12; 13:00-17:00 and Sign up here.

In our digitized world, digital talents are highly sought after. Companies succeeding in optimizing their ‘Employee Experience’ have shown to be better able to attract and retain digital talents. You will work with MIT professor Prof. Kristine Dery to learn from her renowned business cases how the Employee Experience can be optimized to attract, enable and retain your digital talent. You will work with her benchmarking tool to identify how your organization is performing and how you can improve the employee experience your organization is offering.

For addressing the challenge of developing your workforce you will work with Dr. Mohammad Rezazade Mehrizi from the KIN Center for Digital Innovation to assess and plan the development of digital skills and capabilities of your employees with the help of the expertise pyramid.

What you will learn during this master class:

  • Understanding and critically reflecting on how new digital technologies affect the needed skills and expertise of professionals 
  • What is the employee experience and what can I do to optimize this in my organization to attract, enable and retain digital talents? 
  • How to assess and renew professionals’ skills and expertise to make them future proof in the digital age

Who should attend?

  • HR and organizational development professionals  
  • Consultants in the field of HR and human capital development  
  • Managers of digital talents  

Program outline  

13:00-13:30: Greeting the participants   
13:30-14:00: From macro-trends/hypes to micro-realities   
14:00-15:00: Employee’s experience in the digital age   
15:00-15:15: Coffee break   
15:15-16:00: Rethinking the expertise in the digital age: the expertise pyramid   
16:00-17:00: The wrap-up discussions   

Dates & Sign up  

The Masterclass will be held on Friday the 12th of April. We will start around 12:00h with lunch and end around 17:30 with networking drinks.   
Price: the fee is € 395,00 per person.     

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