KIN Innovation researchers receive 4 million grant with an International Consortium developing biomarkers for Alzheimer’s

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Philipp Tuertscher, Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, teamed up with researchers from leading biomarker labs and life science companies to study new read more...

Ethnography course is now open for registration​

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As Ethnography is KIN’s signature research methodology, we are happy to announce that we have just opened up registrations for our upcoming Ethnography Course. The course will be taught by Ruthanne read more...

Fieldlab Smart Maintenance Techport officieel geopend!

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Na een intensief aanlooptraject was het gisteren (13 juni) eindelijk zover: het fieldlab smart maintenance Techport is officieel geopend! In het samenzijn van alle partners stond samenwerking tussen de verschillende read more...

Recap: Workshop Business Model canvas

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Samenwerken begint met samen denken. Een brainstormsessie, opgezet om de waarde van het fysieke fieldlab van Techport optimaal te benutten. Daar draaide het vorige week om in de businessmodel canvas read more...

Long read: How being ‘selfish’ serves the collective interest in the end

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 28 May 2019

Author: Jochem Hummel 

The following white-paper is part of Jochem Hummel research on ‘Collaboration and innovation between heterogeneous actors’. Jochem will be defending his research on June 5th, 13:45, in read more...

Visions on AI at The Next Web Conference 2019

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 20 May 2019 

Author: Elmira van den Broek 

What are visions of speakers and participants of the largest tech conference in the Netherlands on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and work? The KIN Center for read more...

Who are the champions (part 2)

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 13 May 2019 

Author: Dennis van Kampen & Robbert Smet  

Vond je onze eerste blog over het zorgecosysteem al een long read? Goed nieuws: we maken er een longer read van! In het read more...

9-13 August 2019 Symposium: ‘Algorithms at Work: Tales from the Field of Artificial Intelligence’

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 18 April 2019 

We are proud to announce that between August 9-13, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Anastasia Sergeeva and Marleen Huysman will be organizing a symposium on the topic: ‘Algorithms at Work: Tales from the Field of Artificial Intelligence’ read more...

KINTalk: Building towards circularity and digital innovation – April 5th

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 18 April 2019 

Author: Romano Audhoe KINTalks – de Architekten Cie.: ‘Digital innovations in architecture, towards a circular economy’ Architecture is like good music. It plays an important part in our daily lives, read more...

5 June 2019 Symposium: “Collaboration and innovation between heterogeneous actors”

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 15 April 2019 

On the 5th of June, 2019 (Wednesday) there will be a symposium on collaboration and innovation between heterogeneous actors, organized by the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI), KIN Center of read more...

Remote work is here to stay, we just need to learn how to embrace it

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 12 April 2019 

Author: David Passenier 

Widely available mobile technologies, and the services provided by Whatsapp or Skype allow many people to work anytime, anywhere. Remote, nomadic and distributed working provides clear opportunities: read more...

5 April 2019 – KINTalk: Digital Innovation in Architecture: towards a circular economy

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 2 April 2019 

In our upcoming KINTalk on 05/04/2019 we invited Marten de Jong to talk about Digital Innovation in Architecture. Partner architect at the Amsterdam based firm de Architekten Cie, Marten de Jong read more...

How AI impacts work

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 15 March 2019 

Author: David Passenier 

Professor Marleen Huysman, head of the KIN Center of Digital Innovation, is leading social science research on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied in organizations. While read more...

Who are the champions?

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 13 March 2019 

Dat innovatie in de zorg niet makkelijk is dat weten we nu wel: zorgstelsels zijn complex, er zijn veel gevestigde belangen en ingewikkelde routines die verandering lastig maken. De vraag read more...


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