dr. Z. Sasovova

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+31 20 59 83762
school of business & economics ( accounting )
Assistant Professor

Brief résumé

Zuzana Sasovova received her Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Faculty of Management Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia). She holds a PhD in information systems and organizational behavior from the VU University Amsterdam.

Research activities

Dynamics of social networks, cognitions, social processes of innovation, network perspective on corporate governance

Co-organizer FADO seminars

Educational activities

Social Network Analysis 3.4 (course coordinator)

Methoden en technieken van bedrijfseconomisch onderzoek 3.2 (course coordinator)

Co-organizer ABRI research seminars


Soltis, S., Agneessens, F., Sasovova, Z. & Labianca, (2013). A social network perspective on turnover intentions: The role of distributive justice and social support. Human Resource Management, 52(4), 561-584.

Hammedi, W., Riel, A.C.R. van, and Sasovova, Z. (2013). Improving Screening Decision Making through Transactive Memory Systems: A Field Study. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(2), 316-330.

Hammedi, W., Riel, A.C.R. van, and Sasovova, Z. (2011). Antecedents and consequences of reflexivity in new product idea screening. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 28(5), 662-679.

Sasovova, Z., Mehra, A., Borgatti, S. P., and Schippers, M. C. (2010). Network churn: The effects of self-monitoring personality on brokerage dynamics. Administrative Science Quarterly, 55(4), 639-670.

Sasovova, Z., & Leenders, R.Th.A.J. (2008). A corporate social capital view on e-HRM implementation. In T. Torres-Coronas & M. Arias-Oliva (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in E-HRM (pp. 210-215). Hershey-New York: Information Science Reference.

Sasovova, Z. (2007). De rol van sociale netwerken tijdens IT-implementaties. Informatie, 49(9), pp. 16-20.

Sasovova, Z. (2006). To dislike and to be liked: Self-monitoring, affect-intensive relations and work performance. Best paper proceedings Academy of Management Atlanta, Georgia, pp. J1 – J6.

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