Grant for research Covid-19 and vulnerable groups

Vulnerable people, like migrants, homeless people, and psychiatric patients have suffered eminently under the impact of the Corona-pandemic. Not only were they over-proportionately affected by the direct consequences of the virus but many of them also experienced a reduction of social support through the lockdown. It is likely that the economic fallout will give them the next blow.

08/25/2020 | 2:28 PM

The School of Business and Economics will lead a 2-year research project to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on these groups funded by the ZonMw, the public funding body for research in healthcare. Elco van Burg, dr. David Kroon, and dr. Rebecca Ruehle from the Management & Organization department are executing this urgent project.
The researchers investigate the organization of support for vulnerable groups in Amsterdam during and in the aftermath of the Corona-crisis. The project partners involved in this research are Leger des Heils, HVO Querido, De Regenboog Groep, and GGD Amsterdam. To organize support on a large scale in a short time, they made decisions that need to be evaluated, such as the use of online tools. What is the effect of such solutions both short-term and long-term on vulnerable groups? How are the supporting organizations and their employees affected? Especially in light of the expected second wave of the Corona-pandemic this evaluation is urgently needed. Building on the gained knowledge, the project team will develop and implement organizational solutions for supporting vulnerable groups during the current and future crises.