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Alumni relations
The MC group has good relationships with alumni. Many of them start working at prestigious Dutch or international consultancies. Some of them publish with us based on their master thesis while others publish in professional journals. Alumni also stay connected to us as a mentor for our current students in the MSc program Management Consulting.

Alumni mentors

Niels Anthoniesse
Anthoniesse, Niels
Hi all! My name is Niels Anthoniesse and I am working as Business Consultant for Atos. Atos is a big global IT company that you may know as IT partner of the Olympics. As Business Consultants we are the bridge between business and IT and we have a crucial role in preparing, understanding and guiding our clients during challenging IT projects. Next to this we work together with more technical IT specialists to make these projects successful.
If you want to know more about working as Business Consultant for an IT company, please get in touch with me!

Rose Atkinson
Atkinson, Rose
My name is Rose Atkinson and I joined KPMG as Senior Consultant People & Change in May 2019. We empower sustainable change by developing change leadership, aligning culture with strategy, and fostering learning. In my previous role I gained 2,5 years of work experience as Customer Experience Consultant at Kirkman Company, a consulting firm with ~70 consultants. During my studies I worked for several organizations and interviewed top tier management and strategy consultants. I look forward to sharing these insights and in my role as mentor I hope to help you find the career path best suited for you.

Ronald Bon
Bon, Ronald
Dear future consultants,
The fact that you’re currently reading this means 1) that you are at the same point in your life as I was some years ago; starting your Management Consulting Master, and 2) that I have the opportunity to share some of my experiences and lessons learned as a Business Consultant to help you further.
My name is Ronald Bon and as I’m writing this (July 2020) I’m enjoying my last month as Business Consultant at Atos Consulting. The majority of my projects included a strong IT-component, but as I’m not your “typical IT-guy” my major focus is always on People, Processes, Lean-Agility and involving Business. As from August 1st 2020, I will start my exciting new challenge as Digital Business Consultant at Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA). DCSA aims to establish technology standards for the global Container Shipping Industry to enable them to be more innovative.
I’m always open to have a chat about consulting, personal development or anything else, so please feel free to get in touch via

Vanessa Girnth
Girnth, Vanessa
My name is Vanessa Girnth and I am a Management Consultant at Accenture. My specialization is on large scale transformation programs, usually focused around a new IT system implementation. Within Accenture, we call this specialization Talent and Organisation. At the moment, I am the change lead on a transformation program at Dutch company where we implement SAP's S4/Hana solution. I am looking forward to sharing my experience as a Consultant and answer your questions about the characteristics of a job in consulting.  
Mark Helder
Helder, Mark
Hi all, my name is Mark Helder and I am a consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners. We are an international strategy consultancy firm, working on what we call ‘the sunny side of consulting’. This means that we focus only on projects that are aimed to increase revenues. We are regarded world leader on the topic of pricing and work with C-level executives and senior management of large organizations. If you are interested in working in strategy consulting I am happy to share my experiences and help you with any questions you may have!
Thomas Jones
Jones, Thomas
Hi all! I'm Thomas Jones, a former SAP consultant at Magnus Blue. After graduating in 2012 with a pretty strong focus on 'soft' consultancy areas like corporate culture, I rolled more or less by accident into IT consultancy and have never looked back. The border between IT and business is a rewarding place to be with a mix of excellent opportunities to develop concrete skills and a surprisingly strong need for business sense and analytical skills. I've experienced small, medium and large companies from the inside and found my place in consultancy, so I'm well-positioned to help you explore your options for after graduation.

Michael Klofac
Klofac, Michael
Hi, I’m Michal, originally from Prague and now living in Amsterdam. I work at KPMG’s in-house strategy practice, the Global Strategy Group. My main focus has so far been on operating strategy (helping companies organize themselves in a way that allows them to achieve their goals most efficiently) but I have also enjoyed projects around commercial strategy (deciding which markets to play in, what products and services to offer etc.) and customer experience (mapping customer journeys and optimizing key touchpoints to delight customers). I’m always keen to have an interesting chat about consulting and the options it offers, as well as about how one can grow both professionally and personally.

Alysha Smith
Smith, Alysha
Hello everyone! I am Alysha Smith, IT Recruitment Consultant specialising in JavaScript. My core focus is on educating both start ups and corporate companies on what tech is required for their organisation, advising on their hiring processes and what talent their business needs to take their tech teams to the next level. I recruit and headhunt talented JavaScript developers from across the globe and assist them with every step of their relocation to the Netherlands. If you are interested in sales and talent consulting, I would love share my experiences with you and answer any questions you have!

Steintje Snuverink
Snuverink, Steintje
Hi students! I'm Steintje Snuverink. I graduated in the summer of 2018 and started working at PwC right away after doing my work experience internship there. For my master thesis I focused on automation and in what way that influences project management and communication within projects. Currently, I work at the Project- and Programme Management department for the Financial Services industry. This means that I help clients in the design and execution of their projects. I'm looking forward to help you in discovering what you want to do after your masters by giving some insight in the consulting job.
Carlos Villa BaarsVilla Baars, CarlosHi everyone! My name is Carlos Villa Baars and I am currently working as Consultant for BDO - Public Sector and main focus in Digital Transformation of Healthcare, since januari 2020. Originally I started working at Arteria Consulting (a small specialised consulting organisation with 15 employees), but Arteria Consulting was taken over by BDO when I worked there for 6 months. BDO is known for accounting, but is making some big steps in consulting. My main focus has been doing impact analysis, change management and project management at Healthcare Institutions and National Healthcare Unions. My projects require me to know a lot about the Dutch healthcare system, politics (VWS), the businesses in the field and a little bit about programming. Hence, as a mentor I can tell you the differences of working at a small firm as opposed to working at a large firm. We can talk about consulting in general or more specific, talk about healthcare consulting. Also, we can talk about having almost no business background and still be successful on the job thanks to this master. I have a background as a working physiotherapist and studied psychology before doing the Master Management Consulting.  

Alumni publishing in academic journals based on their master thesis:  
Tessa Kok
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Julia Muhlhaus 
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Alumni publishing in professional media based on their master thesis

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