Diversity management and inclusion

Labour forces have become increasingly diverse. Therefore, we need a future in which a range of options open up for the many, not just for the few. Our main research activities deal with age, gender, and ethnic diversity in job transitions. Specifically, we focus on the impact of implicit biases and normative beliefs on career systems, patterns, and outcomes. Our research also explores gendered distribution of social and psychological resources at work. Our research projects help build the evidence base and provide managerial implications in terms of HR practices for dealing with problems related to diversity and inclusion.

Recent key publications:

  • Daubner-Siva, D., Vinkenburg, C. J., & Jansen, P. G. (2017). Dovetailing talent management and diversity management: the exclusion-inclusion paradox. Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, 4, 315-331.
  • Lievens, F., Sackett, P. R., Dahlke, J. A., Oostrom, J. K., & De Soete, B. (in press). Constructed response formats and their effects on minority-majority differences and validity. Journal of Applied Psychology.