Leadership and organisational change

Successful change is one of largest problems that modern organisations face. Leaders play a key role in optimising organisational change, fostering social cohesion among individual workers, and fuelling growth for a wide range of individuals. We study questions related to leadership and change management and the cognitive and contextual antecedents of constructive and destructive leadership. We offer organisational practitioners theoretical and practical insights into how they can maximise their leaders’ potential.

Recent key publications:

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  • Hofmans, J., Dóci, E., Solinger, O. N., Choi, W., & Judge, T. A. (in press). Capturing the dynamics of leader–follower interactions: Stalemates and future theoretical progress. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • Solinger, O. N., Jansen, P. G. W., & Cornelissen, J. (in press). The emergence of moral leadership. Academy of Management Review.