Strategy and Organization

Research in the strategy & organization group is diverse but united by a common desire to understand and explain organizational phenomena in the context of global competition. Our research ethos reflects an appreciation for multiple form of inquiry and we bring together expertise in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, ranging from on-site field-work and in-depth participant observation to experimental studies in laboratory settings. We study organizations and their strategies applying a multifaceted toolkit of theories, such as contingency theory, the resource-based view, institutional theory, and identity theory.

We are interested in organizational phenomena such as inter-organizational partnerships, joint venture and strategic alliances in international and culturally diverse business contexts, different forms of innovation, as well as corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Members of our group have further published on topics such as new product development, post-merger integration, competition in times of technological disruption, organizational scandals and dispute resolution

Our research directly informs our teaching. We are involved specifically in the MSc Business Administration programmes Strategy & Organization and International Management, the BSc programme in International Business Administration, as well as in the Research Master Business in Society.