dr. O. Bouwmeester

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school of business & economics ( management en organisatiekunde )
Associate Professor

Brief résumé

Onno Bouwmeester is Associate Professor in Management and Consulting. He received Msc degrees in Economics and in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in 1994. In 2008 he recieved his PhD degree, based on a dissertation with the title Advice as Argument. He was a management consultant at KPMG Bureau voor Economische Argumentatie till 2001.

He has published about 50 policy reports during his consultant years. His dissertation is about economic advice and the rhetoric of consultants and academic advisers. In 2010 he published Economic Advice as Rhetoric: why do consultants perform better than academic advisers? (Elgar). He has published articles on the rhetoric of consultants in the Journal of Organizational Change Management,International Studies in Management and Organization and Management Decision, and on argumentation rationality and public decisionmaking in the Journal of Management Inquiry and Journal of Business Venturing.

He is coordinator of the Master specialization Management Consulting and member of the managment team of the department M&O.

Research activities

Research projects are about giving management advice, analysing policy decisions and exploring consultant roles like the legitimizer or the advocate. The analysis is language based, with special attention for argumentation. Current projects are on the ethical attitude of consultants as expressed in internet jokes, on consultants as stakeholder in the rigor and relevance debate and on argumentation strategies of entrepreneurs to convince their investors.

Educational activities

As coordinator of the master specialization Management Consulting Onno Bouwmeester is developing and evaluating this program together with the other lecturers involved. Own teaching activities are in the first specialization course (management consulting), in the second specialization course (Policy Evaluation and Advice), ethics for consultants and supervison of Master theses.



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