Partner universities

We are not doing research in isolation. VCRC has established relationships with scholar in a number of universities in China.

Renmin University Business School – main partner
Located in China’s capital, Beijing, RBS is one of China’s top business schools. Although the partnership is still very young, the first fruits of joint academic research have already appeared.

Sun Yat Sen University Business School
This university is strategically located in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, adjacent to Hong Kong.

Nottingham University China Business School
Nottingham University is one of the few European universities that have set up a greenfield daughter university in China. It is located in the port city of Ningbo, close to Shanghai.

Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business
Like VU Amsterdam, Hong Kong Baptist is a university strongly based in the local society. Many HKBU Business School alumni are successful business people. The form a powerful network in what is still one of the world’s prime financial centres.

These four partners give a VCRC a powerful presence China’s political centre and the two most prosperous economic regions: Yangtze River Delta (Nottingham) and Pearl River Delta (Sun Yat Sen).