VCRC is headed by Dr Peter Peverelli. Peverelli

Dr. Peverelli started learning Chinese at age 14. He studied Chinese Language & Culture at Leiden University. He received a PhD in Arts at Leiden University (1986), and a PhD in Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam (2000). He has lived in China for a number of periods, as a student,  a teacher of the Dutch language, and as the representative of a Dutch company. More recently, he is spending more and more time in China for research and teaching.

His key research interests are: general organization theory, corporate identity, corporate culture, and recently added social capital of Chinese entrepreneurs. Dr. Peverelli’s key publication is Chinese Corporate Identity (Routledge, 2006). For a complete list of his publications, see Dr. Peverelli’s academic home page.

Apart from his academic work, Dr. Peverelli also works as a consultant, advising European companies in their long-term cooperation with Chinese partners. Dr. Peverelli regularly writes general interest articles on China, and is also frequently interviewed by the media on current issues related to China.