Research Programme: Marketing Strategy

Research in our department focuses on Marketing Strategy. Marketing strategy concerns those decisions that affect an organization's long-term competitive market position based upon the desirability and superiority of the value that it offers to its customers.

In our research, we are interested in understanding how organizations can develop superior customer value in markets characterized by dynamic exchange relationships. Firms' long term competitive advantage is highly dependent upon their capability to successfully develop and market innovative value propositions (products and services). This requires a market oriented approach in which the needs, behaviors and decision-making processes of (potential) customers are fully understood and taken as the starting point for building and maintaining customer relations. Organizations that are capable of doing so successfully are more likely to show superior performance in the long run. 

In our research programme, we therefore define three focal interests.


Innovation plays an important role in providing superior value to customers. With respect to innovation, we investigate innovation from both the individual as well as the company perspective. In relation to the individual both adoption as well as resistance of innovations has our attention. With regard to the company, we focus on organizations' competence to successfully market innovations.

Cross-Cultural Research Methods

Several faculty members engage in research aimed at developing methods that enable organizations to more effectively understand their markets in the increasingly dynamic international context and make more effective marketing decisions accordingly. This is achieved by developing measures adapted to international contexts and developing new analytical models that help to enhance the understanding of market drivers more effectively and enable us to better predict future consumer behavior.

Consumer Decision Making

A new research area our group is focusing on is consumer decision making. SBE members with backgrounds in both psychology and marketing investigate various consumer decisions that are of interest from a strategic perspective. Their research focuses on topics such as biases and heuristics in choice making, exposure and order effects, authenticity, conspicuous consumption, and financial decision making.

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