Fall 2016

December 7, 201611:008A-44Tammo Bijmolt (U. Groningen) TBA
November 23, 201611:008A-44VODWTBA
November 16, 201611:00TBAAnja Lambrecht (London Business School) TBA
October 12, 201611:008A-44Anne ter Braak (KU Leuven) TBA
September 26, 201611:008A-44Bart de Langhe (Leeds School of Business, U. Colorado-Boulder) Understanding and financial decision-making
September 14, 201611:008A-44Richard Ronay (Department of Social and Organizational Psychology, VU University, Amsterdam) The promise and peril of overconfident leaders

Spring 2016

June 15, 201611:008A-97Pascal Burgmer (U. Cologne) Mind-body dualism and health revisited: Replications, mechanisms, and current findings from a field study
June 1, 201611:008A-44Barbara Deleersnyder (Tilburg U.) Innovation cloning: What drives retailers to copy innovations launched by manufacturers?
May 4, 201612:008A-44Maarten Gijsenberg (U. Groningen) Riding the wave: Revealing the impact of intra-year category demand cycles on advertising and pricing effectiveness
April 20, 201611:008A-44Stefano Putoni (RSM, Erasmus U.) Consuming automation
April 6, 201611:008A-44Maggie Geuens (U. Gent) Clicks as a healthy alternative to bricks: How online grocery shopping reduces vice purchases
March 4, 201616:008A-97Ralf van der Lans (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Modeling gift choice: The effect of uncertainty on price sensitivity
February 24, 201611:008A-44VODWPropositiemanagement
February 10, 201611:008A-44Peter Ebbes (HEC Paris) Beyond the target customer: Social effects of CRM campaigns
January 27, 201612:00TBADwayne Gremler (Bowling Green State University) Employee emotional competence: Construct conceptualization and validation of a customer-based measure
January 13, 201614:008A-44Koert van Ittersum (U. Groningen) In-store spending dynamics

Fall 2015

December 16, 201511:00TBAKatrijn Gielens (Kenan Flagler School of Business, UNC Chapel Hill) The new regulator in town: The effect of Walmart’s sustainability mandate on supplier performance
December 2, 201511:008A-44Lotte Willemsen (HU) Social media: a stage to engage?
November 25, 201511:008A-44Andrea Weihrauch (KU Leuven) The present is not the present: how processing the present progressive brings future events and promotional deadlines closer
October 21, 201511:008A-44Bart Lariviere (Ghent U.) Understanding the service climate - customer experiential value linkage in servitizing firms
October 14, 201511:008A-97Linda Steg (U. Groningen) What motivates sustainable behaviour?
October 7, 201511:008A-44Werner Kunz (U. Massachusetts Boston) The future of payment: how new payment methods influence the store price image
September 23, 201511:008A-44Marleen Hermans (Maastricht U.) The effectiveness of managerial actions during conflict delistings
September 1, 201509:308A-97Gloria Barczak (D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern U.) TBA