About the School of Accounting

The School of Accounting is unique in the Netherlands in offering a lifelong learning portfolio in Accounting, spanning undergraduate (BSc), graduate (MSc), and post-experience education. Our long-standing reputation in research and practice excellence has resulted in our strong position as a thought leader with regard to the development of the accounting profession as well as a leading supplier of accounting graduates and postgraduates to Dutch business and the professional practice.

The executive education part of the School of Accounting is focused on developing and sustaining a strong portfolio of post-experience degree programs. The School of Accounting includes five post-experience Accounting programs that are part of the Center for Executive Education. These programs are all awarding degrees: two of the five award MSc titles; all five lead to registration in the respective national professional register. These programs build on both the Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Economics and the Master’s in Accounting and Control to meet the increasing need for greater expertise in the accounting professions, and thus tie in with the lifelong learning philosophy of the School.

The research activities of the School of Accounting are concentrated in the Amsterdam Research Center in Accounting (ARCA). This research center’s main objective is to facilitate and promote fundamental and applied research in accounting. ARCA’s research is of high academic quality and is published in international, high-quality, refereed journals. It is also committed to bridging the gap between the academic community and practice. ARCA reaches out to the business community by conducting commissioned research and by disseminating research outcomes in professional journals and a range of courses, seminars, and trainings in the post-experience programs.