Presented papers

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Martin AdlerDoes Public Transit Reduce Car Travel Externalities? Quasi-Natural Experiments' Evidence from Transit Strikes
Nicole AdlerModelling Changes in European Air Traffic Control Provision: a Network Congestion Game 
Alex AnasOptimal Policy for a Multimodal Road
Leo BassoTacit Collusion in Price and Frequency in the Airline Industry
Christiaan BehrensConsumer Surplus: Does It Need an Apology? 
Vincent van den BergRobot Cars and Dynamic Bottleneck Congestion
Volodymyr BilotkachCauses and Effects of Air Traffic Delays: Evidence from Aggregated Data
Sylvia BlekerOptimal subsidization of electric vehicles: Network externality vs. environmental externality 
Bruno de BorgerLobbying and the political economy of pricing access to commercial districts 
Jan BruecknerParking and Urban Form 
Pedro CantosAlternative Regimes Of Airport Privatization 
Achim CzernyUncertainty Types and Identification 
Joseph DanielThe Deterministic Bottleneck Model with Non-Atomistic Traffic
Maria DementyevaMiles, speed and technology: traffic safety under oligopolistic insurance
Jonas EliassonOn Timetable Assumptions in Railway Investment Appraisal
Ricardo Flores-FillolPlatform Pricing and Consumer Foresight: the Case of Airports 
Mogens FosgerauCongestion in the Bathtub
Marc IvaldiAirport Prices in a Two-Sided Market Setting: Major US Airports
Sergio Jara-DiazSocial Cost Minimizing Network Lines Structures for Public Transport on a Parametrically Representative Urban Setting
Paul KosterFollow or Join the Leader?
Or LevkovichMunicipal land Use policies and Urban Development 
Robin LindseyEquilibrium in the Bottleneck Model with Atomic and Non-Atomic Users
Se-il MunJoint Provision of International Transport Infrastructure 
Andre de PalmaNetwork Market Conduct with Atomic and Non-Atomic Players
Eric PelsCost-Efficiency Benchmarking of European Air Navigation Service Providers 
Stef ProostAir Traffic Control Regulation in a Union Bargaining Model Setting
Simon ShepherdA Game of Two Cities: a Toll Setting Game with Experimental Results 
Hugo Silva MontalvaInput Third-Degree Price Discrimination by Congestible Facilities 
Ioannis TikoudisOptimal Congestion Pricing under Distortions in Housing and Labor Markets: A Network Model Tailored For Randstad 
Erik VerhoefDynamic Equilibrium at a Congestible Facility under Market Power
Harry van der WeijdePrice Differentiation and Discrimination in Transport Networks 
Wesley WilsonGeographic Dispersion of Prices over a Network: Railroads, Prices, and Competition 
Clifford WinstonGranting Cabotage Rights: the Effects of Foreign Airline Competition on Fares in U.S. Domestic Markets 
Anming ZhangAirport Pricing and Capacity in a Hub-Spoke Network