Economische Waardering van Cultureel Erfgoed / The valuation of cultural heritage


This research is financed/commissioned by NICIS, Nieuwland, CLUE

Project start and end date

The project runs from 1-1-2009 to 30-9-2013

Short description

The NICIS project ‘The valuation of cultural heritage’ investigates the role of various types of cultural heritage in urban life. Cultural heritage is often a determining factor of the specific atmosphere of a neighborhood and is valued as such by its residents. Household and firm location choices are affected by the presence of this amenity. This is reflected in real estate prices and contributes to dynamic developments like gentrification. Cultural heritage can also be an important attractor of national and international tourism. Learning about these processes and the possibilities to control them is clearly relevant for the evaluation and development of policies directed at improvement of urban life.

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Project leaders

Jan Rouwendal (