drs. J.E.C. Dekkers

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+31 20 59 82211
9a-91, 9a-91
school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie ), informatietechnologie ( service & expl )
Junior Researcher

Brief résumé

Jasper Dekkers (1977) completed his study in Business and Spatial Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2001 with an award-winning thesis, analysing the Mobile Market and Location-based Services.
He is currently researching and lecturing Geographical Information Systems for the Spatial Information laboratory (SPInlab) at the Department of Spatial Economics and is at the same time finishing his dissertation on land use modeling and land prices.

Research activities

Land prices, land use modelling, geographical information systems, regional economics, location-based services

Educational activities

Geographical Information Systems 4.2 and 4.4
Geomarketing 4.4
Thesis co-ordinator and lecturer of UNIGIS MSc in Geographical Information Systems


Koomen, E., van Dijk, T., Dekkers, J., Open space preservation in the Netherlands: planning, practice and prospects, Land Use Policy, 25(3), 2008.

van Rij, E., Dekkers, J., Koomen, E., Analysing the success of open space preservation in the Netherlands: the Midden-Delfland case, Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 99(1), pp.115-24, 2008.

Dekkers, J., Koomen, E., Land-use simulation for water management: application of the Land Use Scanner model in two large-scale scenario-studies. Chapter 20, in: Koomen, E. et al. (eds.), Modelling land-use change; progress and applications, GeoJournal Library, Springer, Berlin, 2007.

Dekkers, J., Rietveld, P., The Integration of Geo-ICT in Economics: Increasing opportunities for spatial research in the economics discipline, in: Scholten, H.J. et al.(eds.), The role of Geo-ICT and Spatial Approaches in Science, Springer, Dordrecht, 2008.

Dekkers, J., Rietveld, P., Electronic ticketing in public transport: A field study in a rural area, Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 11(2), pp.69-78, 2007.

Lijesen, M., van der Straaten, W., Dekkers, J., van Elk, R., Geluidsnormen voor Schiphol, een welvaartseconomische benadering, CPB rapport 116, Den Haag, 2006.


The LUMOSpro-project aims to provide theoretical foundations and practical adaptations of land use models for the Netherlands in order to improve and stimulate the use of these models in (spatial) policy discussions. In order to reach this goal, the project will deal with a number of weak points in the existing knowledge infrastructure, in particular the scientific foundations, the practical implementation and the fortification of education and training in modeling.
More information can be found on www.lumospro.nl

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