J.M. Chen

+31 20 59 83744
school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )

Brief resume:

Jamie M. Chen is PhD candidate in Spatial Economics at the VU Amsterdam since 2014. She has been assistant professor at Xiamen University TKK college (2012-2013), teaching cruise economics. From 2010-2012, she was international crew in COSTA cruise (Italy) and DFDS cruise (Denmark).

Research activities

Jamie M. Chen's main research interests cover cruise consumption behavior, cruise decision making, cruise port economics, and cruise marketing. She focusses on empirical research in particular on quantitative methods, under the supervision of Prof. Nijkamp. 


Chen J.M., Neuts B., Nijkamp P. & Liu J. Demand Determinants of Cruise Tourists in Competitive Markets: Motivation, Preference and Intention, Tourism Economics, 2016, 22(2), 227-253.

Chen J.M., Zhang J. & Nijkamp P. A Regional Analysis of Willingness-to-Pay in Asian Cruise Markets, Tourism Economics, 2016, 22(4), 809-824.

Neuts B., Chen J.M. & Nijkamp, P. Assessing Customer Value in Segmented Cruise Markets: a Modelling Study on Japan and Taiwan. Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, forthcoming.

Chen J.M., Nijkamp P. & Lijesen M.G. Cruise Tourism as Quasi-two-sided Market Concept: an Exploration of Asian Markets. work paper, WCTRS 11-12 May 2015, Belgium.

Chen J.M., Lijesen M.G. & Nijkamp P. Modelling Cruise Lines’ Duration of Stay in Ports. work paper, 6th ITSA 17-19 Aug, London & 56th ERSA Congress 23-26 Aug 2016, Vienna.