Prof. dr. J.N. van Ommeren

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school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )
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Brief resumé

Jos van Ommeren (1966) studied Econometrics at the London School of Economics, United Kingdom and the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and received his PhD in Economics at the VU University Amsterdam in 1996. He worked at the Dutch Central Bank, the Netherlands, the European University Institute, Italy, University College London, United Kingdom, Cranfield University, United Kingdom, Frisch Centre, Norway. Since 2001 he has been employed at the VU University Amsterdam. He is a fellow of the Tinbergen Institute.

Research activities

Urban Economics

Educational activities

Urban Economics and Transport Economics

Recent publications

Ommeren, J.N. van, and A. van der Vlist (2016), Households' willingness to pay for public housing, Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming

Kantor, Y., P. Rietveld and J.N. van Ommeren (2014), Towards a general theory of mixed zones: the role of congestion, Journal of Urban Economics, 83, 50-58

Mulalic, I., J.N. van Ommeren and N. Pilegaard (2014), Wages and commuting: quasi-natural experiments' evidence from firms that relocate, Economic Journal, 124, 1086-1105

Ommeren, J.N. van Ommeren, and D. Wentink (2012), The (hidden) costs of employer parking policies, International Economic Review, 53,3,965-977

Gutiérrez-i-Puigarnau, E. and J. van Ommeren (2011), Welfare effects of distortionary fringe benefits taxation: the case of employer-provided cars, International Economic Review, 52, 4, 1105-1122

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