Prof. dr. J. Rouwendal

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school of business & economics ( ruimtelijke economie )
Full Professor

Brief resume

Jan Rouwendal graduated in spatial economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1983 and received his PhD at VU University Amsterdam in 1988 on a thesis about discrete choice models and housing market analysis. He is currently full professor at this university. He is also affiliated as a research fellow to the Amsterdam School of Real EstateTinbergen Institute and Netspar

Research activities

Economic analsis of cultural heritage has been an important research area in recent years. For an overview (in Dutch) klick here. Current research concentrates on spatial aspects of property markets. One project aims at the construction of a price index for commercial real estate.

Educational activities

Jan Rouwendal teaches courses on the Economics of Real Estate (3rd year), Regional and Urban Economics, Applied Spatial Economics and Real Estate Management (Master's). He is one of the teachers at the Summer School on Hedonic Price Analysis and Residential Location Choice organised by the Danish KRAKS foundation.


Key publications

Social Interactions and Crime Revisited: An Investigation Using Individual Offender Data in Dutch Neighborhoods. Accepted for publication in: Review of Economics and Statistics. (with Wim Bernasco, Thomas de Graaff and Wouter Steenbeek) working paper pdf

Historic amenities and housing externalities: Evidence from the Netherlands. Accepted for publication in: Economic Journal. (with Hans Koster) working paper pdf

Estimating the value of proximity to water when ceteris really is paribus. Accepted for publication in: Real Estate Economics (with Ramona van Marwijk and Or Levkovich) working paper pdf

Redevelopment of industrial heritage: Insights into external effects on house prices. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 57 (2016), 91-107. (with Mark van Duijn and Richard Boersema) working paper pdf

Measuring the rebound effect with micro data. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 79 (2016), 1-17. (with Bruno de Borger and Ismir Mulalic) working paper pdf

Cultural heritage and the location choice of Dutch households in a residential sorting model. Journal of Economic Geography, 13 (2013), 473-500. (with Mark van Duijn) pdf


Recent publications

Ancillary activities

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