Dr. Mark van Duijn


Mark van Duijn is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Spatial Economics at the VU University Amsterdam. He obtained a MSc. degree in Economics from the VU University (2007) after doing an internship and finishing his MSc. thesis at the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis. After working for the OECD in Paris (2008), he obtained a PhD degree in Economics from the Department of Spatial Economics from the VU University (2013). His PhD thesis is entitled “Location choice, cultural heritage and house prices”. Location behaviour of economic agents, economic valuation of cultural heritage, neighborhood dynamics, and pension systems are among his main research interests.

Research activities

Location choice of households, retail location, urban revitalization, housing markets, neighbourhood dynamics

Refereed publications

Other publications

Van Duijn, M. & Rouwendal, J. (2013). Cultureel erfgoed en het vestigingsgedrag van huishoudens, in: S. van Dommelen & C.J. Pen (eds.), Cultureel erfgoed op waarde geschat: Economische waardering, verevening en erfgoedbeleid, Platform 31, Den Haag.


URD-HELP – Urban Regions in the Delta - Higher Educated Location Preferences is a research project funded by NWO.

Economic valuation of cultural heritage is a research project funded by Platform 31 (Nicis Institute) and its partners.