Bachelor's programmes

The School of Business and Economics offers various Bachelor's degree programmes.

Bachelor study programmes

International Business AdministrationInternational Business Administration
A high-quality, small-scale, team-oriented and interactive programme that focuses on the professional service industry.
BedrijfswetenschappenBusiness Administration
Dutch taught
Econometrie en operationele researchEconometrics and Operations ResearchKwaliteitszegel_topopleiding_2018_
Dutch taught
Econometrics_and_Data_Science_55x55Econometrics and Operations Research: Econometrics and Data ScienceKwaliteitszegel_topopleiding_2018_
A new international specialization of the BSc Econometrics and Operations Research
Economie en bedrijfseconomieEconomics and Business Economics
Dutch taught
Image PPE
Philosophy, Politics and EconomicsKwaliteitszegel_topopleiding_2018_
The international programme provides you with core knowledge in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics

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