Increasingly organizations and maybe even your future employer are looking for experience as well as academic credentials. The faculty recommends doing an internship, because it is an excellent way to apply the knowledge and (academic) skills which you acquired during your studies. Your most important learning goal as a student-intern is to familiarize yourself with professional and market-related skills in a real and new organizational environment. With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, gaining relevant experience will give you a good start into your professional career.

Bachelor's degree programme

In the third year of your BSc programme you have the possibility to do an internship. Visit the vacancy board to get an impression of possible internship positions, or schedule an appointment with Career Services if you have remaining questions after reading the information on VUnet.

Master's degree programmes

All Master's degree programmes allow you to complete an internship as part of the programme, either as part of your Capita Selecta, in combination with your Master's thesis or as an elective without credits. If you are interested in an internship, make sure you first ask about the possibilities within your programme or book an appointment with Career Services for practical information.

Vacancy Board

There are many vacancy boards for internships online. The faculty has its own vacancy database for students on Blackboard. This vacancy database contains positions at both Bachelor's and Master's level.

Check out the vacancy board for an overview of outstanding internships and to create your personal account using your VU email address.

International students