You will soon graduate or have graduated recently . Which steps should you take to successfully enter the job market? Sign up now for one of the career workshops by Career Services and learn how to make a successful transition from university to labour market.

Workshops are organized all year round. Please note: there are limited places available, make sure you sign up in time! You can find the workshops on the SBE Career Platform. Registrations opens 3 to 4 weeks in advance.

LinkedIn is the most used online professional networking tool in the Netherlands, and setting up a profile is relatively easy. But how can you use LinkedIn to find a job? And more importantly: how to make sure recruiters will find you? How should you build and sustain your professional (online) network? This workshop will provide you the answer to these and many other questions you never even knew to ask.

The LinkedIn workshop is designed for students that have a LinkedIn profile and want to learn to use it more effectively.

Topics in this workshop:

• Optimising your profile
• Search engine optimisation: how to be found?
• Searching and finding information with LinkedIn
• Tips on building and sustaining your (online) network

Learn how to write winning, result-driven CVs that showcase your experience and qualities to the full. Receive inside information on what employers are looking for and how you can incorporate this into your CV. After the workshop you can register for an individual session and have your updated CV reviewed.

Topics in this workshop:

• Optimising your CV to stand out
• Tips & tricks and Do’s and don’ts
• Peer feedback on CV

Learn how to write winning, result-driven motivation letters that showcase your experience and qualities to the full. Receive inside information on what employers are looking for and how you can incorporate this into your letter. After the workshop you can register for an individual session and have your updated motivation letter reviewed.

Topics in this workshop:

• Layout and structure of a letter
• Purpose and content of motivation letter
• Tips & tricks and Do’s and don’ts
• Peer feedback on motivational letter

This workshop is your starting point when you plan to start applying for jobs or internships. You will gain a basic understanding of the application process and practice useful interview techniques. By the end of the workshop you will feel more prepared for the journey ahead of you.

Topics in this workshop:

• How to start your job search?
• Researching the job market
• Various steps of the application process
• What to expect in a job interview?
• The STAR-interview technique
• Your strengths and weaknesses

Improve your job interview skills in a small setting and receive feedback from an experienced interviewer.  How to make your profile and personality work for you during a job interview? In this workshop we focus on learning-by-doing. All participants get to practice in a short interview with the trainers. In addition, you will learn from observing other participants and giving them feedback on their performance.


• Dealing with common interview questions 
• Practicing your interview skills with a recruiter 
• Likeability and style / Connecting to the interviewer

In your quest for a dream job, you often find yourself making new connections – with recruiters, future colleagues and managers. And as you know, first impressions last. So how do you ‘brand’ yourself to make this impression positive and memorable? In this hands-on workshop you will gain an understanding of personal positioning, and practice with a first version of your own ‘elevator pitch’

In this workshop you:

• Introduce yourself with impact
• Receive feedback on your pitch
• Get tips and tricks
• Practice you (online) pitching

In this workshop you learn how to prepare for a case interview in a job application procedure. We will practice with guesstimates/brainteasers, discuss goals and strategies, and provide you with tips and tricks to improve your performance. 

Topics in this workshop:

• What is a case interview
• Strategies to tackle a business case
• Guesstimates
• Brainteasers
• Tips & tricks

Want to start your career with confidence and beat your career saboteurs? Saboteurs are limiting beliefs, that are holding you back from career success. They try to convince you that you should or will not succeed. Their purpose is to keep you safely in your comfort zone. And the magic happens elsewhere: Careers thrive in places that encourage learning and growth. Are you ready to ditch your saboteurs and start relying on curiosity, compassion and creativity for your next career step?

In this workshop you will explore one of your saboteurs and how it affects the way you think, feel and act. You will then replace this saboteur belief with a more constructive ‘inner advisor’.

How do you decide if a job is right for you? What aspect of the job should you consider? Finding your ideal job starts with an understanding of who you are - your personality, personal & professional talents and preferences - and how you would like to apply these in a job. In this interactive workshop you will translate your unique personality, expertise and interests into a ‘blueprint of your ideal job’.

The workshop is divided into 2 sessions:

Session 1 (Date, time):

• Gain insights into your personality 
• Learn more about your core values 

Session 2 (Date, time): 

• What are elements of your ideal job?
• Compare these insights to actual job vacancies
• Define your next steps

Have you ever considered story-telling to find out what career path to choose? We use stories to make sense of the world and other people. Why not think about your own story, when you want to understand yourself more completely? Knowing and telling your own story will give you a clearer sense of direction and purpose. Career stories are particularly valuable in guiding you through career changes or transitions, such as starting your career after graduation.

In this workshop, we will use the unconventional and fun method of ‘Career Story Interviewing’ to create your personal story: A story that expresses who you are as a person, and how you want to use work in a way that allows you to fully be yourself. By answering unexpected questions about past and current preferences, you will identify the ingredients for a meaningful story about your career plans and decision-making.

Topics in this workshop

• Identifying the ingredients for your story
• Re-writing your story
• Sharing your story
• Enacting your story (goal-setting)

Are you a master student and about to start looking for a job? Do the effects of the Corona outbreak on your post-graduation career keep you occupied? Then this webinar is for you.

From one moment to the next, the world of work has changed drastically. Application procedures have moved online and organizations have put their recruitment efforts on hold. Job offers are postponed and new hires go through a digital on-boarding process. To succeed in this changing job market, you will need to adapt your application strategy. In this webinar we will discuss following topics:

• Effects of the Corona outbreak on recruitment
• How to stand out in an online job market
• Doing well in a digital application procedure 
• Building your network online
• Tips for a successful online job start

The monthly CareerLab is the place to learn about innovative career themes, giving you just the edge you need to succeed in tomorrow’s job market. Depending on the topic, the CareerLab can be an training, a business case, a network session or a presentation. All CareerLabs are organized in cooperation with external parties, such as potential employers, professional trainers and alumni. Examples of CareerLab sessions hosted this year are ‘Finding a job in the Netherlands’, ‘The ins and outs of Venture Capital’, ‘Boost your career with the perfect outfit’, ‘Coding’ ‘Introduction to Design Thinking’, ‘Personal Branding’ and ‘Big Data’.

The CareerLab takes place on the first Monday of each month from 15.00-17.00. You can find more information and reserve your seat in the event calendar on the SBE Career Platform.

We are happy to offer our career services for free to all SBE students. However:

Free of charge does not mean not free of responsibility.

Our activities tend to be fully booked well in advance. For every late cancellation or no-show, we have had to disappoint a couple of students who would have liked to attend.

This is how we work:

• Once you have signed up for an activity, we expect you to attend;
• If you need to cancel your appointment or workshop, do so at the earliest possible moment;
• For individual appointments: you can use the link in the confirmation and reminder of your registration to cancel up to 24 hours in advance;
• For workshops: we will send you a reminder a week in advance of the workshop. This is your last chance to cancel. Workshops booked within a week before the scheduled date, cannot be cancelled. 
• If you cancel after this deadline, you cannot participate in any career services activities for 8 weeks. All existing bookings within this time range will be cancelled;
• Not showing up without notice will mean you cannot participate in any career services activity for 8 weeks. Two no-shows mean you cannot participate for 6 months;
• The cancellation deadlines do not apply if you cannot attend because of circumstances beyond your control. In this case, please notify us as soon as possible.