Contract Education


The School of Business and Economics provides interested parties with the opportunity to take courses in our Bachelor's or Master's programmes through contract education. Successfully completing a course will provide you with a certificate.

You can find more information on the courses in the study guides on our website; for information on the academic calendar and the timetable, please visit this website (in Dutch).

Contract students take classes alongside regular students and may sit the final examination. Classes will mostly take place during the day.

Contract students may not register for theses, work placements and skills courses (Academic Skills, language test). Both Premaster and part-time courses are not available for contract students.

The costs are €100 per ECTS credit, for which you will receive an invoice. Please pay this invoice within 30 days. If you fail to pay within this period, you will be deregistered and you will still be obliged to pay. Payment in instalments is not possible. You will automatically receive an invoice regarding the courses you have enrolled in. If you are taking courses in various periods and you wish to spread the costs, you may decide to re-enroll for your chosen courses ahead of each new period. These costs cover participating in classes, being supervised by a lecturer, using computer facilities and taking interim and final examinations or resits resulting in a single final mark and receiving a certificate of participation.

The contract applies to the academic year in which the course is offered. Participants who wish to achieve a passing final mark by retaking the course in a following year must conclude a new contract and pay the corresponding costs. You may cancel your enrollment no later than ten working days before the start of the course. After this date, you will no longer be eligible for a refund of the course fee. If you cancel in time, you will be charged €50 in administrative costs.

Registration for contract education
People my enroll by completing the registration form and sending it to the email address stated on the form together with the required attachments. They will receive an invoice as soon as the application has been received.

Application deadlines
The study guide lists the period in which a course is offered.

Register from
Register until
Period 1
31 Aug until 23 Oct 2020
15 July 2020 
28 August 2020
Period 2
26 Oct until 18 Dec 2020
15 July 2020
8 October 2020 
Period 3
4 Jan until 29 Jan 2021
15 July 2020
17 December 2020 
Period 4
1 Feb until 26 March 2021
2 December 2020
14 January 2021
Period 5
29 March until 28 May 2021
2 December 2020
11 March 2021 
Period 6
31 May until 25 June 2021
2 December 2020
13 May 2021

Semester 1: Periods 1, 2 and 3
Semester 2: Periods 4, 5 and 6

Admission requirements

You must hold one of the following qualifications:
1st Bachelor's year
Pre-university (VWO) diploma

First-year higher professional education (HBO) diploma

Old-style Dutch postgraduate (doctoraal) diploma

Bachelor's degree

Master's degree
2nd Bachelor's year
3rd Bachelor's year
Some courses from the second and third Bachelor's year require you to have prior knowledge of the course (admission requirements) in addition to the qualifications mentioned above. Read more in the study guide.
Master's programme
To take Master's courses, participants need to hold a relevant Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Contract education in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics
The Master's programme in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM) taught in English presents a comprehensive view of spatial, transport and environmental topics from an economic point of view. It is possible for professionals to take core courses from this Master's programme separately. The STREEM courses deal with the economic analysis of issues involving key spatial, transport or environmental factors.

More information: Contract education in Spatial Economics (in Dutch)

If you would like more information, please contact