Master's programmes - Graduate School

The Graduate School currently offers the following full-time programmes:

Master's programmes

MSc Accounting & ControlAccounting and Control
Business AdministrationBusiness Administration
BiS 55x55Business in Society (MPhil joint Research Master)
A two-year joint research master in Business and Management
Econometrics and Operations ResearchEconometrics and Operations Research

Top rated programme 2018

Economics (MPhil Research Master)
A two-year Tinbergen Institute-Research Master
BA Specialization: EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship (joint Master with University of Amsterdam)


Top rated programme 2018 

Honours Programme in Quantitative Risk Management 
Honours Programme in Finance and Technology


Zegel keuzegids Master 2018

Spatial, Transport and Environmental EconomicsSpatial, Transport and Environmental Economics

Top rated programme 2018

Admission via premaster programme

If you do not meet all admission requirements for a master's programme, you may still gain admission via the Premaster programme. This is a one-semester programme that precedes the master's programme, and provides the knowledge and preparation you need for a doing a master's programme at SBE.

Premaster programme