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Thank you for considering VU Amsterdam's Graduate School of Economics and Business. I would like to briefly explain what I consider to be the main distinguishing features of our programmes.

Committed to Excellence
It is our mission to attract highly motivated, capable students and to build their talents through a challenging and at times very demanding curriculum. All with the ultimate aim of producing excellent graduates who can make a difference to the world.

Diversity breeds Excellence
In today’s world, cultural borders are gradually breaking down. Globalization is fostering cultural integration, and sometimes culture clashes. Dealing with this diversity starts in the classroom, where you will meet and work with students from many different countries and backgrounds. This will help to prepare you for your future career, where the ability to synthesize different perspectives will be a key indicator of excellence.

Social Responsibility
We do not believe in the university as an ivory tower, nor in academic research as the objective pursuit of ultimate truth. The real challenge is to be explicit about your ‘prescientific’ assumptions and aware of your own cultural and historical background. Before objective academic rigour is applied to the analysis of research problems, these factors determine what questions are asked and what hypotheses are tested. Once academic professionals are aware of this type of subjective involvement, they come to realize that the important positions they are going to fill in society bring with them the need to act in a responsible manner.

Top-Ranking University
Established in 1880, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ranks among the 20 best European research universities. VU graduates occupy many important positions in business and politics, our international research and teaching contacts are numerous and many members of our staff are active, visible participants in public life.

Amsterdam needs no introduction as an important world city, renowned for its tolerance and human scale. Our school is situated right at the heart of the Dutch capital’s thriving new business district. Now a major European commercial centre, this area is home to the head offices of companies like ABN-AMRO, ING, Philips and Akzo Nobel, as well as major international accountancy and law firms.

I am well aware that talented students have numerous options for their postgraduate education. And I realize that excellent research and teaching are not the sole prerogative of our university. But what I also know is that a MSc degree from our school has been the starting point of many great careers and is highly valued by international business and society.

Professor Willem Verschoor
Dean of theSchool of Business and Economics

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