Admission and selection

Maximum number of participants per cycle
A maximum of 30 students can be admitted per cycle.

Admission requirements
The following admission requirements apply to the postgraduate programme in Compliance and Integrity Management.

  • You hold a relevant MSc (or PhD) diploma from a university in the Netherlands or abroad. This should be preferably be in Economics, Business Economics, Accounting, Law or Business Administration.
  • If you hold an MSc degree other than those listed, the Selection Committee will determine whether you can be admitted. The committee will make an assessment of your knowledge and professional experience in order to decide whether you will be able to participate successfully in the programme. You may be invited for an interview.
  • You have at least three years of relevant professional experience. Your motivation is important, as well as the support that you receive from your working environment.
  • If you hold a Bachelor's / HBO degree, you will not generally be admitted unless your professional experience, post-college educational programmes completed, and recommendations or references from your empolyer indicate that you are likely to be a successful participant in the programme. You may be invited for an interview.

Selection procedure
The programme management will ultimately determine which candidates are selected for participation in the programme.