Target groups

The postgraduate programme in Compliance & Integrity Management is designed for individuals who already hold a university degree, who have gained experience that is relevant to the programme through their work in a professional position over a number of years, and who need a more comprehensive knowledge of Compliance and Integrity in order to grow professionally.

Specifically, the following target groups are relevant: 

  • Employees of supervisory authorities for the financial sector, such as the Financial Markets Authority (AFM), De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Euronext, the Ministry of Finance, the Association of Stockholders (VEB), the Dutch Competition Authority (NMa) and so on.
  • Managers of financial institutions that are subject to supervision by DNB and the AFM, and members of their Boards of Commissioners and/or Audit Committees.
  • Managers and professionals from large corporations and financial and non-financial institutions, such as (future) Compliance Officers and managers of key compliance-related activities, including Risk Management, Internal Control, Auditing, Legal Affairs, Operations, Financial Control, Corporate Affairs, and so on. 
  • External consultants working on behalf of the entities mentioned above, such as accountants, lawyers, management consultants, and so on.