Risk Management for Financial Institutions

Admission requirements


This course is open to:

  • Holders of an academic Master’s degree, accredited by an accepted accreditation institute.
  • In their masters, candidates have successfully concluded courses with the equivalent of 40 ECTS (1ECTS = 28 hours) in areas of micro & macro economics, math & statistics, finance, investments. Examples of acceptable standard literature are presented below:

Finance and Investments (20 ECTS)
• Principles of Corporate Finance, Brealey, Myers & Allen
• Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Reilly & Brown

Statistics (10 ECTS)
• Quantitative Methods for Investment Analysis, DeFusco, McLeavy, Pinto & Runkle

Economics (10 ECTS)
• Economics: Private and Public Choice, Gwartney, Stroup, Sobel & Macpherson

  • Candidates with a Master of Science and proven knowledge in the areas mentioned above are accepted without deficiencies.
  • If candidate misses proven knowledge on one or more of the above mentioned subjects, he will be invited for an intake interview.